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High Quality Healthcare in Abu Dhabi


When it comes to healthcare, every country offers a different approach, and it’s always helpful to have international networking so that best practice can be shared. The UAE is currently investing in its healthcare infrastructure, with 40 public hospitals and a focus on creating an international healthtech network in Abu Dhabi via its tech and startup ecosystem, Hub71.

Dr. Asma Al Mannaei is director of healthcare quality at the Abu Dhabi Department of Health and has shared her thoughts about the future of healthcare technology in the Emirates.

Why should healthtech startups base themselves in Abu Dhabi and why in particular do you think they should they join the Hub71 tech ecosystem?

Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a global technology hub for startups from all over the world. A place for growth opportunities, where innovators can turn their ideas into reality through support, state-of-the-art infrastructure and access to a broader ecosystem. Abu Dhabi is a well-regulated world-class healthcare system. One unique argument to come to Abu Dhabi is the availability of very comprehensive data sets all in one database (e-claims about all healthcare transactions for more than 10 years, Emirate-wide central electronic patient record), the presence of internationally renowned healthcare providers (e.g. Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Imperial College London) the availability of different sources of funding, and the fact that the Department of Health is the regulatory body is proactively engaged in innovation and continuously supports to solve regulatory and other issues that could be showstoppers for innovation in other markets.

Hub71 is a world-class ecosystem which offers access to all required resources and innovators across all industries for cross-industry projects. It is an open space of passionate talents in an energised environment sharing insights and learning together to produce digital health solutions. At the same time, Hub71 hosts a very specific healthtech incubator operated by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health and partners such as Plug and Play, that provides all very health-specific resources and knowledge that healthtech startups would require.