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Dubai-based Grubtech expands operations in Sri Lanka

Grubtech, the UAE-based tech innovator and disruptor, which has become a leader in the cloud kitchen space, is aggressively expanding its offices in Sri Lanka, bringing endless possibilities to digitally transform food and beverage (F&B) businesses and in offering many job opportunities to talented software engineers across the country. 

In just two years, Grubtech having already stamped its presence in over 15 countries worldwide, including in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, has successfully raised a US $ 13 million Series A investment recently led by Addition. Other investors in this round include BY Ventures and Hambro Perks Oryx Fund. With this, Grubtech is now looking at expanding its engineering capabilities to other countries amongst which Sri Lanka is a key destination of choice.

Grubtech’s story began in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many restaurants, cloud kitchens and other businesses across the board had to contend with previously unfathomable conditions, with many shutting down or pausing operations. As demand for online food delivery increased by leaps and bounds almost overnight, Grubtech’s, plug and play end-to-end operating system for restaurants and cloud kitchens adapted to the situation through its all-in-one, easy-to-use technology stack and presented a solution to power the next generation of cloud kitchens and restaurants, helping it be “creators, not administrators”.

This easily deployable software enables a 25 percent reduction in time from when an order is placed until it is delivered and a 35 percent increase in margins by maximising efficiency of fixed costs and wastage. Additionally, operators can build on data received through their smart locker system to refine internal processes.

These innovations led Grubtech to secure the prestigious ‘Foodtech Startup of the Year’ award by the Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Co-Founder/CEO Mohamed Al Fayed explained, “One of our key successes is that we were late to come to the market, so we are the latest kids on the block to tackle this problem. We built Grubtech from the ground up to address modern friction points and challenges rather than utilising existing legacy technology and making them conform to today’s digital journey. We also spared no expense in leveraging the latest architectural principles, such as microservices, using the latest tooling to build a bleeding-edge stack for our clients. We were also the first to introduce microcloud kitchen technology, empowering restaurants to effortlessly serve multiple brands from a single location, while enabling cloud kitchens to automate the entire order journey and control all their operations.”

In Sri Lanka, the platform is not all Grubtech is offering. General Manager for Sri Lanka Rushanthi Seneviratne said, “The technology was 99 percent built in Sri Lanka and is being used by over 400 brands around the world. This is a matter of national pride. So, we’re looking for digital and engineering talent here, where it all began. We are an agile start-up. We are all about the latest innovations and we are not afraid to experiment.”

With 62 local individuals employed as part of Grubtech’s development and engineering team at present, the organisation is looking to grow its engineering team to 150 plus engineers within the following two quarters and is seeking out engineers that are hungry for innovation. They intend to grow, cultivate and upskill their talent through incentivisation and a number of developmental programmes.  Rushanthi giving a further insight emphasised, “We are looking to grow the application team further, so that we could support a 24×7 roster that would provide support for other markets as the organisation grows further into more and more international markets.”