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SCARLT.COM; a new UAE-based fashion platform launches amid COVID-19 crisis

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Scarlt, the UAE-based startup transforming the way women purchase dresses, has announced the launch of its new e-commerce fashion platform, offering a wide variety of high-quality dresses at an affordable price.

Commenting on the announcement, Scarlt Co-Founder and CEO Nancy Khatib, said: “The platform aims to offer a unique shopping experience to women looking for a dress for any occasion. Each piece on the platform is mindfully chosen so that women can boldly buy great dresses.”

Women across UAE can shop through the website which will allow them to choose from a wide variety of casual, summer, formal, and even evening dresses. Scarlt represents every strong, independent, and fashionable woman and offers her the dress she deserves for the price she can afford. The products are handpicked to guarantee quality and imported from suppliers around the globe. The method is mostly through drop-shipping, keeping a minimum amount of inventory which will help the business scale faster. Scarlt is looking to introduce designer and modest lines shortly soon.

“Fashion has always captured me. The harmony of textures and patterns have translated itself as confidence and optimism. This enthusiasm sparked the inspiration to start Scarlt so that every woman can experience it. Fashion usually demands a huge price, but we strive to offer the best dresses at a reasonable price,” added Khatib.

Scarlt launched in GCC and is set to expand internationally as a future milestone. With the launch of the platform, the team will be seeking investment in the coming months.

“With Scarlt great quality and popular fashion experience is promised at affordable prices,” Khatib concluded.