InnCuVation Forum’s Pitch Day

Emirates Angel Investors Association Gives HCT Startup Development Program Seal of Approval

EAIA Supports HCT’s Inaugural InnCuVation Forum 2021

The critical role of early-stage investor support in the startup ecosystem was highlighted during the final day of the HCT InnCuVation Forum 2021 held during UAE Innovates 2021, during the Startup Pitch Competition.

Ten student-run entrepreneurial ventures were presented in the fast-paced competition to a panel of judges and a large audience composed of the members of the Emirates Angels Investors Association. The distinguished judging panel was comprised of Ms. Maha Al Fahim, the Founder of Highwater Venture Partners; Mr. Mana Al Suwaidi, the Executive Chairman of STRATEGI Advisors; and Mr. Tom Rebollini, CFO of the Emirates Consortium LLC.

Mr. Masaood Al Masaood, Chairman of the Emirates Angel Investors Association, gave an inspiring keynote address. An HCT graduate, Mr. Al Masaood shared his insights into the emerging angel investing and the Association he founded in 2020.

“The Association brings like-minded people who are interested in the field of angel investing under one umbrella. Angel Investing is relatively new to the region and the idea is like ‘birds of a feather flock together’, the more like-minded people you have on your team, the more you are likely to succeed. Just like a startup; it’s all about the team dynamics and in our case the interaction within the Association.” he said.

“Angel investors are very important to startups. They are experienced people who work in different industries and can add a lot of value to start-ups, which have the idea, the passion and energy but they might need guidance, seed funding and other form of strategic and operational support. Connecting to an angels’ network is very important to startups,” he said.

He affirmed that all 10 of Startup Pitch Day competitors deserved continued support in their ventures. “The Association’s slogan is ‘Investing in the Future’. It’s a dream we seek with you. The entrepreneurs for the competition are the future. You are the champions,” he said.

“Failure for us should not be a taboo. If you stumble once you stand and continue you path. I invite my colleagues of the Association to support the startups here and the amazing entrepreneurs who are leading them” he added.

Mr. Nicola Bettio, HCT Executive Director of Applied Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, applauded the work of the Emirates Angels Investors Association’s in the UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem. “This joint initiative with the Association is one of many to come. Mr. Masaood and the members of the EAIA have a genuine passion for startups, and we are proud to cooperate to strengthen Emirati entrepreneurship among the young generations. Angel investors are a key component of any mature and well-working startup ecosystem,” he said.

“E-Fate”, a student-operated company, promoting sustainability and energy efficiency through the collection of electronic waste was named the winner of the Startup Pitch Day competition. The other top winners were “3D Design & Printing” (3DCP) in 2nd place and “Match My Skin” in 3rd place.

E-Fate, launched in 2019, is specialized in managing and collecting electronic waste from urban communities and large and medium sized companies. Company spokesman, Mohamed Al Hammadi, explained that the company is targeting to collect more than 100 tons of e-waste in 2021. The aim of E-Fate is to play a substantial role in positioning the UAE as a leader in the field of recycling.

The startup 3DCP provides technology solutions for the design of 3D printed buildings (in particular thermal insulation). Company representative Abdulla Al Suwaidi said the concept utilizes unique patterns and designs to minimize the materials being used in construction projects, ensuring low thermal conductivity of walls while preserving their structural integrity.

Match my Skin offers health and wellness services, particularly cosmetics and skin care, via an AI and AR mobile App. Customers will be able to find the most suitable foundation and skin care products based on their skin type.

Mr. Bettio said the unbridled success of HCT’s inaugural InnCuVation Forum 2021, not only highlighted the innovation culture within the institution but enhanced its commitment to embedding an entrepreneurial mindset within its student body. “This will be achieved by ensuring HCT continues to incubate and launching startups and generate innovation, with economic impact, in the coming years,” he said.