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Abu Dhabi tech start-up hub sees rise in female entrepreneurs


Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, on Monday announced the latest cohort of start-ups selected to join its community, with an increasing number led by female founders.

The successful start-ups, chosen from hundreds of applicants, will benefit from Hub71’s Incentive Program, which reduces the cost of living and business set up costs for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses in the region.

For its third cohort of the year, Hub71 selected 19 new start-ups with headquarters in nine countries, specialised in 11 sectors, including AI and big data, edtech, agritech and healthtech.

The new cohort also includes 30 percent of businesses founded by women, marking a growing number of female founders choosing to join Hub71’s community.

Hanan Harhara Al Yafei, CEO of Hub71, said: “The diverse nature of our latest cohort of Hub71 startups reflects our commitment to boosting Abu Dhabi’s global appeal as a world-leading tech hub suited to the best and brightest start-ups from around the world.

“Each successful start-up has demonstrated remarkable resilience during the pandemic, either pivoting or striving tirelessly to meet their customers’ needs during unprecedented times, and I am particularly pleased to see that almost half of the intake are UAE-based, and increasingly female entrepreneurs are finding a home within our community to make their businesses soar.

“Despite Covid-19, we are still growing and managed to attract applicants from 32 countries, which suggests we are doing the right thing at the right time. It’s a testament to our efforts to place the spotlight on Abu Dhabi, especially because of the strong government backing, generous incentives and thriving ecosystem we can offer.”

The successful start-ups include:

  • Swiss-founded 1702ai, the fastest and most accurate SaaS Weapon Detector that utilizes existing security cameras, powered by the latest AI and Deep Learning algorithms.
  • UAE-based Mental, a virtual reality platform that enables companies to simulate the work and training environment from anywhere in the world, improving performance and reducing expenses.
  • British-founded Algocyte, the first self-monitoring blood count home device that uses AI to analyze blood within five minutes.
  • UAE and female founded WhiteBox HR, creates predictive insights, bias free, at every stage of the talent lifecycle to simplify the process for companies to decide who to hire, engage, or retain.
  • Egyptian and female founded Yanzo, a virtual assistant that can be used to book, buy, find, and deliver services whether its for shopping, running errands and making travel arrangements.
  • Since its launch in March 2019, Hub71 has grown its start-up community to more than 75 global firms.